Wednesday, 5 October 2011

One for the gods

Have you ever wondered
whats it like to not be
your usual beautiful self,
To work your hardest
and still get beaten,
And live without the confidence
that exudes from you
that defines your very life
your hopes and tastes
and the way you wear your skin

To be one in the crowd
and not be loved everywhere,
Where'll your soul be
in the great sea of life
without that anchor you know,
What if you couldn't rise up
through the ranks and beat
the best at every level

Tell me, have you ever wondered
what drives the common man
and makes him sleep at night
wishing for another day,
And what'll it be like
to not patronize them all
but look at them as equals,
And let yourself be swept away
with the awe of pure admiration
and not a hint of envy

Tell me, were you to lose it
all within a day's space
how would you hold,
I'm sure the answer lies
beyond your comprehension,
But still try to imagine
what if you couldn't speak
the language of your dreams...


  1. Beautiful (as always) and thought provoking. Really loved the last two lines.

  2. I came here because of the image. Very thoughtful poem. I, too, like the last 2 lines.

  3. @Kathiesbirds - Thanks a lot !

  4. I'm not sure I can speak the language of my dreams. I stumble and stutter and my tongue twists in all sorts of knots when I try to describe a dream or a vision. Unfortunately, I'm no artist, so I can't paint or draw what I have seen either. What's a person like me to do?

    This Fence Knows Riddles

  5. @Magical Mystical Teacher - The language of dreams is a much broader term than simply expressing your visions, it is the ability to do whatever is most dear to you. Very few are sublime in it, hence the title 'One for the gods' :)