Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Azure Skies

There was a time when
we ran like the wind,
and laughed under azure skies
together as one..

How did it come to this
when did the cogs begin to turn
like an elysian vision
it seems like a fading dream..

We were so naive that
we knew neither fear
nor envy nor hatred
and the sky was the limit..

And so filled were with passion
all those invincible faces
and all those first meetings
that will never happen again..

And all that unearthly beauty
left awestruck so many souls
at times it felt like
even the sun was dancing..

And we felt we could reach
till the end of the rainbow
and maybe a little further
while life ran in technicolor ....


  1. at times it felt like
    even the sun was dancing..
    Nice line...

  2. wow the images you have created seems like the sun was dancing well penned excellent

  3. Mmmmm....yes....I think of the beauty of this and the deliberate application of color in Technicolor. What we do to make things work....to believe.