Monday, 28 November 2011

Lets dance

I say lets dance
you say lets talk
I took pains to learn
knowing how well you danced
but you say you dance no longer...
When I first saw you dancing
thought you were jumping about
maybe 'cause I couldn't hear the music..
Now that I'm in that place
my legs won't stop..
Why didn't I dance before?
..but I could only hear till so far..
and there were too many noises...
Will I always be running behind you?
hope we're running in circles
for when they overlap
we can talk all you want...

Monday, 21 November 2011

The Ghost of You, Pt. 4

You came sometime
she came sometime
she came sometime else...
you said some things
you were my first
your things became my self...

She also tried
to say some things
or so I understand...
and even though
she wasn't you
she tried to hold my hand...

But when I called her
as my own
she knew she didn't belong...
'cause all around
my broken world
she said she saw your ghost...

Even when I moved
to world's end
a piece of you did rake...
stabbing my heart
with no repreive
killing for killing's sake...

Though knowing you
I know too well
you never meant me harm...
But your light emanates
from faraway stars
the ones I don't command...

Monday, 14 November 2011

Go down with the ship

I will not fall below
the standard of absolute
even if the competition
withers and dies

I will not sell myself
for any cheap tricks
I will not dilute myself
they can all try

I will not pander
to thieves and dacoits
I can take all and not
crack before any whip

I will not not flourish
off of pirates' gold
I rather choose to
go down with my ship

Friday, 4 November 2011

Beyond The Horizon

If you could see beyond the horizon,
how far could you see my love,
how far would you see my love,
would you be able to see me here,
a hundred million miles away,
in a world
so different from your own...

'cause beyond the horizon
the sun never sets
but you are my sun
and all I've got this side is
a permanent darkness
my sun set a while ago ...