Monday, 21 November 2011

The Ghost of You, Pt. 4

You came sometime
she came sometime
she came sometime else...
you said some things
you were my first
your things became my self...

She also tried
to say some things
or so I understand...
and even though
she wasn't you
she tried to hold my hand...

But when I called her
as my own
she knew she didn't belong...
'cause all around
my broken world
she said she saw your ghost...

Even when I moved
to world's end
a piece of you did rake...
stabbing my heart
with no repreive
killing for killing's sake...

Though knowing you
I know too well
you never meant me harm...
But your light emanates
from faraway stars
the ones I don't command...


  1. your name has the ghost at need to create someone to blame in this story ..ghosts mean we can not or do not want to face reality...

  2. Beautiful, people may go, but they don't always leave our lives

  3. I really like the last stanza. Excellent write.

  4. "I called her as my own" : your choice
    "a piece of you did rake..." : remorse
    be happy!!

  5. "Kremo" I apologyze if my comments have been a little emotional... but your story is similar to a situation I have lived...

  6. Thanks everyone for their comments and nobody has anything to apologize for :)

  7. for a moment I was immerse in your story...I still waiting for a "real" answer in mine...