Thursday, 14 June 2012


It takes two to love
each 'one' is actually
one and a half
in search for their missing part...

When you become 'two'
love will become you
and connect you to
all things' heart...

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Convalescent

An era has gone, our era has gone
Do you still bite your lip when nervous?...
My life has become a series of dreams
My feet do someone else a service...
I sing, I write, draft words from the soul
It comes out in gushes, with gushes it flows...
We know many, miss few, still fewer match our beat
You'll live with me forever, there's no such word as 'unmeet'......

Sunday, 19 February 2012


I created a sketch
so beautifully
an outline of you and me
a portrait of
black and white

the colors landed
in your hands
you took to filling
all the spaces
but you missed the canvas
so completely
and all the colors
spilled over the blank sheet

then i stepped back
and saw that it was

Friday, 27 January 2012


Your voice in my head,
virtual conversation,
tries to fill your shoes...

Friday, 20 January 2012


By her belief
now the seas have parted
she means to walk across
'knowing' the walls will stay
while they look on
in disbelief...

But what she knows
is there's no sea
the land is, but dry
its the fear of drowning
that keeps them from
stepping forward...

Sunday, 15 January 2012


We will meet again
in that first meeting again
in that springtime again
under those leaves again
in our naivete again
and say those silly things again
like we did in that time of yore..

And you will laugh again
and I will dance again
just to make you laugh again
we'll be young again
and we'll be free again
and we won't care again
like we did not before..

When all the particles of this universe
have reached the ends of space
they'll set back home again
set back in a hurrying pace..

And set out yonder again
till every combination
is over and done with once
they'll set out this way again
and we will be born
again purely by chance..

We've already met twice
or maybe a million times
or maybe times infinite
and infinities to come again..

But that me won't be this me
and he'll exactly be this me
he'll write these lines again
heart set in sad times again
the greatest sorrow will be
lived over and over again
so will be the greatest joy
in an endless chain..

So don't despair my love
we'll laugh together again
even if only for a moment...
'cause we are infinite...
'cause we are invincible...

Friday, 13 January 2012


I thought there'd be lights and sounds
but somebody just said, 'hey well done'
I thought that i'd be swept off my feet
but the world kept spinning, as it had always spun

then I remembered a scene from an earlier day
when I saw a bright light, in the eye of a friend
it looked weird 'cause he kept prancing about
while I just told him, 'good going, man'

we are all in different places
but on the outside, the world just looks as 'one'
there's a story behind each of those faces
lets pause a moment, next time we look at one

we are all in different places
even the closest friends can be miles away
but its the love that keeps us going
and saves our souls from needless fray

even same things can be poles apart
the difference lies in the shades we portray
I hold an ember, you an inferno
while the third friend thinks, we are just the same

I reminisce of my forlorn moments
while i kept sitting with my lonely soul
its incredible to think there were people nearby
who once had dreamt and now reached their goals

But soon I'll move into a new place
and look back at this objectively
and when you say I don't get your 'place'
I'll smile with all my subtlety...

Friday, 23 December 2011

Goodbye, friend

hello friend, you are one of very few
'cause when I move away I'll actually miss you..
we had always been proud and free
we could've been bitter enemies
but we tamed that ego & now no one's more dear..
I never shied from saying grow up to your crying face
we don't always watch out or wish good grace
but we always had faith in our capable ways...
and when I give advice you harken to my words
listen truly to the power of spoken words
but without the bearer's condescension or hurt...
and without you I wouldn't be,
'cause whenever I hit the ball you hit it back to me
then one day i saw we were moving like the wind...
even if I find nobody out there like you
I won't mind 'cause I've already met you
and have been sated with the deeper parts of the blue...

Monday, 28 November 2011

Lets dance

I say lets dance
you say lets talk
I took pains to learn
knowing how well you danced
but you say you dance no longer...
When I first saw you dancing
thought you were jumping about
maybe 'cause I couldn't hear the music..
Now that I'm in that place
my legs won't stop..
Why didn't I dance before?
..but I could only hear till so far..
and there were too many noises...
Will I always be running behind you?
hope we're running in circles
for when they overlap
we can talk all you want...

Monday, 21 November 2011

The Ghost of You, Pt. 4

You came sometime
she came sometime
she came sometime else...
you said some things
you were my first
your things became my self...

She also tried
to say some things
or so I understand...
and even though
she wasn't you
she tried to hold my hand...

But when I called her
as my own
she knew she didn't belong...
'cause all around
my broken world
she said she saw your ghost...

Even when I moved
to world's end
a piece of you did rake...
stabbing my heart
with no repreive
killing for killing's sake...

Though knowing you
I know too well
you never meant me harm...
But your light emanates
from faraway stars
the ones I don't command...