Friday, 13 January 2012


I thought there'd be lights and sounds
but somebody just said, 'hey well done'
I thought that i'd be swept off my feet
but the world kept spinning, as it had always spun

then I remembered a scene from an earlier day
when I saw a bright light, in the eye of a friend
it looked weird 'cause he kept prancing about
while I just told him, 'good going, man'

we are all in different places
but on the outside, the world just looks as 'one'
there's a story behind each of those faces
lets pause a moment, next time we look at one

we are all in different places
even the closest friends can be miles away
but its the love that keeps us going
and saves our souls from needless fray

even same things can be poles apart
the difference lies in the shades we portray
I hold an ember, you an inferno
while the third friend thinks, we are just the same

I reminisce of my forlorn moments
while i kept sitting with my lonely soul
its incredible to think there were people nearby
who once had dreamt and now reached their goals

But soon I'll move into a new place
and look back at this objectively
and when you say I don't get your 'place'
I'll smile with all my subtlety...


  1. Yes, moving on and respecting others while we're on our way.

  2. Nice rhythm to this piece; it feels like a song at times. I especially like "subtlety" at the closing. Awesome!

  3. we start out at different places and live most of our lives in different places but those few instances when we are sharing a space with someone else are what I feel make us human.