Monday, 31 October 2011

Fallen Star

You're like a night star
a much too bright star
I'm like a lonely light
in the corner of your eye
you look straight at me
and I disappear..
O love, was I never there?

Saturday, 29 October 2011


Your tears are for the
both of us
I know your pain well
it is mine 
But its okay to break
let it go
My calm will help you
lift your burden
I'll help you in carrying
what you can't
My strength will serve when
yours is gone
I'll always be close by
keeping an eye
And when you're unable to
walk any longer
I'll carry you in my arms
across the sea ...
into the sunset ...

Friday, 28 October 2011


I mount atop a rocket
bring a match to the fuse
it whistles to me then booms
my sky was set ablaze,
And I'm also weightless
and see the earth as lights
but wicked gravity wins
so hit the ground I do..

And through my gasps & blood
I remember how I saw
in the corner of my eye
the beat of an angel's wings,
Her visions are all I see
in my wasting feeble soul
so please don't take away
how I saw a beautiful world...

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


I don't need you
to be more beautiful
'cause I think you are
beauty sublime
even though at times
you might think otherwise,
I don't need you
to be strong and charming
I just need you
to be just like you,
to smile that smile
and laugh that laugh
and do that voodoo
which you love to do..

I don't need you
to feel like I feel
I don't need another
piece like myself,
maybe you don't see it
but I'm a broken piece,
I just need you
to fit into me
and make me whole
make us whole
be the yin to my yang...

Monday, 17 October 2011

Fly my love

All this time that I thought
you were sailing away
you were silently dying
I didn't see, how I cry my love

You have bled much
but your heart beats strong
just hold on tight a moment
before long, I'll arrive my love

You shouldn't be like this
but save your soul I will
I'll make a deal with the devil
you belong, don't die my love

The world needs your pretty soul
though I won't be missed much
I'll lay my heart as a stepping stone
you deserve, go fly my love...

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Rock Paper Scissors

The world is always playing
rock paper scissors
running familiar cycle
we all know the way,

the design wasn't meant
to have kings and pawns
its only what we make
and only what we say,

though we are ultimately
just pieces of the sea
each drop standalone
still all must play,

the mighty rocks fall
before slender supple paper
one of life's switchbacks
so long, tough break...

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Azure Skies

There was a time when
we ran like the wind,
and laughed under azure skies
together as one..

How did it come to this
when did the cogs begin to turn
like an elysian vision
it seems like a fading dream..

We were so naive that
we knew neither fear
nor envy nor hatred
and the sky was the limit..

And so filled were with passion
all those invincible faces
and all those first meetings
that will never happen again..

And all that unearthly beauty
left awestruck so many souls
at times it felt like
even the sun was dancing..

And we felt we could reach
till the end of the rainbow
and maybe a little further
while life ran in technicolor ....

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Drifting down the river of thought
I reach a crucial fork,,
there is one who loves me
and one whom I love

Unable to choose, I fret for days
weighing against each other
the pros of both ways
but unable to move I am

Then I use another approach
First without her then you
I imagine a future epoch
weighing what I lose each time

And then my rivers coalesce
as frothing eddies turn blue
There never was a dilemma
and there never were two
'cause its you my darling
its always been you ...

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I don't want the titbits
you have to offer
the crumbs from a larger pie,
I want it all
including the tantalizing aroma
and the lingering taste,
and I'm not gonna share it
being a greedy kid,
If anybody so much as
makes a move for it
I'm gonna knock their teeth out,
and I'm gonna keep
coming back for more and more
until there is
no separate pie and me,
'cause my desire for you baby
is insatiable...

One for the gods

Have you ever wondered
whats it like to not be
your usual beautiful self,
To work your hardest
and still get beaten,
And live without the confidence
that exudes from you
that defines your very life
your hopes and tastes
and the way you wear your skin

To be one in the crowd
and not be loved everywhere,
Where'll your soul be
in the great sea of life
without that anchor you know,
What if you couldn't rise up
through the ranks and beat
the best at every level

Tell me, have you ever wondered
what drives the common man
and makes him sleep at night
wishing for another day,
And what'll it be like
to not patronize them all
but look at them as equals,
And let yourself be swept away
with the awe of pure admiration
and not a hint of envy

Tell me, were you to lose it
all within a day's space
how would you hold,
I'm sure the answer lies
beyond your comprehension,
But still try to imagine
what if you couldn't speak
the language of your dreams...