Wednesday, 28 September 2011

I'm coming home

There was a time when
you used to tell me
how you like the morning breeze
the streaks of red in the dawn
and the things of your dreams,
now you just tell me
the names of places you went
and smile in black & white
what happened?

There was a time when
I used to tell you
how I played as a kid
and all of my favourite songs
and some things I didn't know myself,
now I'm just able to
say things you'll find in books
and smile when I'm not happy
tell me what happened?

But I won't stand and
watch us die like this
I'll climb the highest peak and
bring down the flame of the gods,
and in the name of the old sun
I'll set this world on fire
'cause I can't let you feel cold
and once you have thawed
I'm coming home...

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Pick up the phone and
call up my name
whenever you have time,
and all the times you
don't answer my calls
I would never mind

I will continue to
be your royal jester
without any demands,
even if you choose to
keep me in the shadows
away from your friends

Just keep loving me
every once in a while
even if its a ruse,
you are my world
my Aphrodite, my muse
even if I'm your amuse ...

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Without You

The autumn smell in the air
and the rain of wafting leaves,
the warm glow in my face
the rustling grass, the singing trees,

Merry people scurrying around
taking simple laughs from life,
it was quite a rustic scene
a poet's inspirational sight,

And me standing there
the wind playing with my hair,
my things great, my health sublime
the world watching, should've felt divine,

But somehow joy eluded me
my own feelings deluded me,
'cause something felt incomplete
as you were not there with me...

Sunday, 18 September 2011

My Angel

Greatness is your destiny,
you are able to soar above
and pass through mirrors but,
these are places my love,
I cannot follow..

don't come down to earth
every now and then, O angel,
my heart gives foolish dreams
of walking along with you...

Saturday, 17 September 2011


My years in the snow,
your faraway fire burning bright,
it kept my heart warm ...

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Patience, Pt.2

When its dark downright,
you must adapt, rise with patience,
in search of some light


He must contemplate, in the grand scheme, his place
before making concoctions, look at his options
and follow perseverance, wait for her with patience...

Monday, 12 September 2011


You whisper some things
ever so slightly
under your breath
and then go away
to come along some other day
like everything's still the same
and we keep moving
until you lean over
and start murmuring
something again
but I stop you and say,
I know darling
I remember
how could I possibly forget ...
I wrote it down in my heart ...

Sunday, 4 September 2011


You who know me,
as a Buddha on a hill,
as a seal in the sand,
as a sheep in its herd,
as a cow with its curd,
as an old man under a tree,
as just a garden weed,
You will not call me,
any of those names,
'cause when the moment beckons,
I come forth like a hurricane...

Friday, 2 September 2011

I'll come along

When your heart is crying deep inside
And your vision is going hazy and blind
When you find yourself at crossroads
And you see in the distance, light is dying
When you know they are what you prayed for
When you know the moment has come forth
When you know that you don't have too long
When you want in your heart to go along
But the shackles you feel are far too tight
But nothing is keeping you there that night
Why despair, why is your mind confused
There are no chains but the ones you choose
When you know your love is going away
And there never might come another day
When you hear them call and scream your name
But the world keeps you from playing the game
Sprout some wings and leave all behind
Its not too hard, soon you will find
To say, Wait for me
I'll come along, my love


I'm here in a wasteland a thousand miles away
but the look of your eyes, with me will stay
Before I could say anything, you flew away
but there soon will come a brand new day
when I'll cross the seven seas and hold them at bay
Crash down through the stars and take you away
up into the night where the angels play
and make you forget all night and day
Hold you so close, take your breath away
And together we'll sail through the starry array
They'll shine down on us, the world will sway
a million miles away, and you'll be mine that day.

I'll travel the light years in the blink of an eye
and bring you the lights to which you sigh
All the light in the cosmos for you I'd pray
God bless me and forever keep it that way
The dimensions will fade, and if I dare say
I'll light everything in your life that was gray
and you'll shine so bright the stars will fade away
Yes, I'll take you into that night, I won't stray
and we'll be voyagers into that endless bay
The 'angels' will be green, they'll say we stay
but we'll leave them behind, they're gods of clay
You & me, we'll be so happy together
All I want my darling, is your forever...