Friday, 2 September 2011

I'll come along

When your heart is crying deep inside
And your vision is going hazy and blind
When you find yourself at crossroads
And you see in the distance, light is dying
When you know they are what you prayed for
When you know the moment has come forth
When you know that you don't have too long
When you want in your heart to go along
But the shackles you feel are far too tight
But nothing is keeping you there that night
Why despair, why is your mind confused
There are no chains but the ones you choose
When you know your love is going away
And there never might come another day
When you hear them call and scream your name
But the world keeps you from playing the game
Sprout some wings and leave all behind
Its not too hard, soon you will find
To say, Wait for me
I'll come along, my love