Friday, 2 September 2011


I'm here in a wasteland a thousand miles away
but the look of your eyes, with me will stay
Before I could say anything, you flew away
but there soon will come a brand new day
when I'll cross the seven seas and hold them at bay
Crash down through the stars and take you away
up into the night where the angels play
and make you forget all night and day
Hold you so close, take your breath away
And together we'll sail through the starry array
They'll shine down on us, the world will sway
a million miles away, and you'll be mine that day.

I'll travel the light years in the blink of an eye
and bring you the lights to which you sigh
All the light in the cosmos for you I'd pray
God bless me and forever keep it that way
The dimensions will fade, and if I dare say
I'll light everything in your life that was gray
and you'll shine so bright the stars will fade away
Yes, I'll take you into that night, I won't stray
and we'll be voyagers into that endless bay
The 'angels' will be green, they'll say we stay
but we'll leave them behind, they're gods of clay
You & me, we'll be so happy together
All I want my darling, is your forever...


  1. nice acrostic! tq for sharing.. my gooseberry..

  2. This is so lovely and your closing lines "all I want my darling is your forever" add so much love into this poem thanks for sharing

  3. Wonderful love poem and the form is very well done. Nce one!

  4. travel light years in a blink of eye,