Monday, 12 September 2011


You whisper some things
ever so slightly
under your breath
and then go away
to come along some other day
like everything's still the same
and we keep moving
until you lean over
and start murmuring
something again
but I stop you and say,
I know darling
I remember
how could I possibly forget ...
I wrote it down in my heart ...


  1. Good one.. to keep writing on heart...I mean don't let the heart take all the weight of words.. pleeeeeeease..

  2. Its not about grudges held up in some forsaken corner... rather, its about unprofessed love and the allusions to it that budding lovers make...

  3. And thanks everyone for the kind words !

  4. welcome share your poetry talent with us this week.

    we are open until Thursday, 8pm.

    first time participant is encouraged to share random poems.

  5. @The Gooseberry Garden - Thank you so much, will do !