Sunday, 15 January 2012


We will meet again
in that first meeting again
in that springtime again
under those leaves again
in our naivete again
and say those silly things again
like we did in that time of yore..

And you will laugh again
and I will dance again
just to make you laugh again
we'll be young again
and we'll be free again
and we won't care again
like we did not before..

When all the particles of this universe
have reached the ends of space
they'll set back home again
set back in a hurrying pace..

And set out yonder again
till every combination
is over and done with once
they'll set out this way again
and we will be born
again purely by chance..

We've already met twice
or maybe a million times
or maybe times infinite
and infinities to come again..

But that me won't be this me
and he'll exactly be this me
he'll write these lines again
heart set in sad times again
the greatest sorrow will be
lived over and over again
so will be the greatest joy
in an endless chain..

So don't despair my love
we'll laugh together again
even if only for a moment...
'cause we are infinite...
'cause we are invincible...


  1. I like this concept of meeting again...reincarnated souls, love fresh and new again...Nice thoughts here ~

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    1. Interesting thought, however if it's a different time or place is it really again or something new? I enjoyed this lovely poem. It made me sigh, in the romantic type of way.

  3. @M.C - Based on the concept of cyclic time and Neitzsche's 'Theory of Eternal Recurrence'.