Tuesday, 9 August 2011

The Ghost of You

I lost you in a second, to find you took eternity
The pain I feel billows on me, my very own tragedy
I look for you, you look through me, blind to what you mean to me
I lost myself the day you left, I miss you times infinity
You're gone so many miles away, do I really want you so bad
or is it just my fascination, with what I cannot have

I see you in the night, an ethereal ray from above
But why you keep standing there, say something my love
Don't look at me like a stranger, you're staking my beating heart
You're tearing me asunder, if I'm not already torn apart
A desperate attempt to hold onto, what I should be letting go
But who decides what they dream, I just can't go with the flow

I want to get high on you, I cannot have too much
Let me see your face again, the pictures are not enough
Inside the beast is gnawing, I wish I were already dead
but all the things I never said, hurt so much more instead
Please just call my name, let go of any grudge
I'll follow you until the end, just come to me my love...

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